With spring almost upon us again, it means that it's time to get your vehicle ready for spring. After months of driving in inclement weather, the prospect of spring and upcoming summer is exciting. From changing your tires to changing the oil, there's many services you can do to get your vehicle ready. At Lexus of Warwick, we're here to provide you with the service and experience your vehicle needs. We encourage you to either schedule a service appointment online or come see us in person today!

Oil Changes

After months of driving on dirty roads, spring is a great time to get your oil changed. Your motor oil collects dirt and debris, preventing it from damaging your engine. It's also in charge of lubricating and cooling the many moving parts in your engine. After a long winter of driving on slushy, dirty roads, your motor oil can become dirty. This in turn can clog the oil filter. That's why we suggest getting your oil changed in the spring to avoid any damage to your engine.

Check or Change Your Tires

If you have snow tires on your vehicle, we can change them for your summer or all-season tires. Snow tires are crucial in the winter but can limit your fuel economy in dry driving conditions. We can change your tires in minutes and have your Lexus ready to take on spring adventures in Warwick.

Check Your Fluids

It's important to stay on top of your vehicle fluids and ensure that they're always topped off. From your windshield wiper fluid to your coolant, they all serve a purpose in maintaining the performance of your vehicle.

Schedule a Spring Service Appointment Online

When you're ready to have your vehicle maintained for spring, we invite you to schedule an appointment online. We'll inspect and take care of any issues to get you back on the roads around Warwick in no time.

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