Two Easy Ways To Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready

For Warwick drivers, winter weather presents its own daunting array of challenges. From slick, icy roads and heavily salted streets to an abundance of snow and exceedingly low temperatures, there are countless things that can go wrong. At Lexus of Warwick, we're excited to share two simple ways to get cars and trucks winter-ready.

Check Your Vehicle's Lights

During winter, the days are shorter and the nights are much longer. This makes it important to have properly functioning lights. If you've got a bulb out, be sure to change it before winter actually arrives. Not only will you see better, but other drivers will be able to see you better as well.

Take A Look At Your Coolant Levels

Also referred to as antifreeze, coolant can play a critical role in keeping your car functional when the outside temperatures plummet. A quick inspection will ensure that there's ample coolant for preventing the engine from freezing, and that there aren't any engine leaks that will result in rapid coolant loss. For professional auto servicing, come see us at Lexus of Warwick today.


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