Two Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe In Heavy Snow

Snow has the magical ability to mute harsh sounds, coat the terrain in an unblemished blanket of white, and bring out the playful spirit of almost anyone. When it comes to driving in the snow, however, many Warwick motorists experience tremendous amounts of anxiety and stress. Controlling a vehicle on icy roads can be far from easy. At Lexus of Warwick, we've got two tips to help locals stay safe during times of severe winter weather.

Don't Go Out If You Don't Have To

Try to get your shopping and other errands done long before a snowstorm is projected to arrive. Only go out while it's snowing when you absolutely have to. While driving in snow, try to maintain a moderate and much slower-than-average speed. Whenever you have to decelerate or accelerate, depress the necessary pedals lightly. Accelerating and decelerating on icy surfaces too quickly are sure ways to instantly lose control.

Stay Put If You Get Stuck

​If your car gets stuck in the snow, don't try to set out for help on foot. Remaining in your vehicle will give you the benefit of reliable shelter, and it will make it infinitely easier for rescue services to find you. Visit us at Lexus of Warwick to take one of our reliable, winter-ready cars out for a test drive.


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