Cleaning Your Car Quickly

Keeping your car looking its best might be your goal, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to keep it looking like it should. If you’re in a rush but still need a clean car, there are a few quick tricks to get rid of most of the grime in a short amount of time.

Invest in a few microfiber towels and keep them in your trunk. Wetting the exterior of your car thoroughly, spray your damp towel with a paint-friendly drying agent and gently buff the exterior to dry it. Use another towel to wipe the worst of the brake dust and grime from your hubcaps. Use a towel to wipe down the interior, clean the glass with a cleaning spray and collect any trash in a plastic bag. Shake out your floor mats, and your five-minute cleanup is complete.

For any other cleaning tips or to test drive a vehicle, visit us at Lexus of Warwick in Warwick, RI.

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