If your car is on a recall list, it doesn’t mean that you’re already in danger by driving your vehicle. It simply means that your car needs to be checked for the defect and possibly needs repairs at no cost to you. Manufacturers typically issue recalls when they discover a car defect, and while they try to reach all car owners affected, they may not be able to. The NHTSA may also be the one sending a notice if the agency is the one to discover the defect. You can check the NHTSA recalls site to see all recalls even before the letters are issued.

In the letter, you’ll find instructions on what to do. This includes a description of the defect, any risks or hazards associated, potential warning signs, and how the manufacturer suggests to fix or repair the issue.

If you have a recall notice, then you can take your car to Lexus of Warwick to get the best service in Warwick, RI. You’ll receive a fast friendly repair with replacement parts courtesy of your warranty and manufacturer.

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