Keep Pets Relaxed While Traveling

One of the priorities in long road trips is keeping everyone safe. That includes your furry family members. There are some key ways to keep your pets safe on trips.

Don't let your pet hang outside the window. While they like to feel the breeze and sniff air, this is incredibly unsafe. Instead, lower the window just enough for your pet to stick his nose into the breeze coming into the car. The smells and fresh air will relax him.

Stop every couple of hours and let them out on a leash to sniff and use the bathroom. Sniffing surroundings makes pets more comfortable. They will need to use the bathroom, but some feel relaxed after they marked territory. Driving around town with a pet is easier in a pet-friendly vehicle. We at Lexus of Warwick have many to choose from and welcome you to come test drive any of our vehicles!



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