Headlight Maintenance is Just One Necessary Vehicle Maintenance Item

If you're looking to get your vehicle some routine maintenance, we here at Lexus of Warwick encourage you to make an appointment with our service center. Not only can we provide you with a multi-point inspection or an oil change, but we can also take a close look at the headlights on your vehicle. This is one part of a vehicle that many people often neglect to have serviced. When in fact, this is a very important part of staying safe on the road at night.

Routine maintenance for your headlights includes changing out old bulbs for something whiter and much brighter. This will help keep the road lit while you are driving, but this also helps keep you visible to other drivers that are on the road around you.

We also recommend having the lenses cleaned and buffed to keep them clear. This is for aesthetics as well as safety.

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